Deep Learning Suite for 3D Image Segmentation

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About DeepMedic:

DeepMedic is software for 3D image segmention, based on a multi-scale 3D Deep Convolutional Neural Network, from the BioMedIA Group of Imperial College London. The system has been shown to achieve excellent performance on brain lesion segmentation for various tasks, including brain injuries, brain tumors, and ischemic stroke lesions. This method is part of the systems that won the ISLES 2015 and BRATS 2017 competitions.

What we are making:

3D Deep Learning Suite

A complete set of versatile and easy to use tools to train, evaluate, and make use of 3D image segmentation models in a simple and intuitive manner for non-technical users.

Tried and Tested Performance

DeepMedic is the winning algorithm in ISLES 2015 competition, part of the winning system in BraTS 2017, and widely used for variety of segmentation tasks in 3D medical imaging.

Integrated Image Pre-Processor

The framework includes automated data harmonisation, and informative dataset metadata checks, made easily and intuitively customisable via its Graphical User Interface.

Graphical Interface

Graphical User Interface enables easy training and testing of Deep Learning models.

Easy To Configure And Customize

Easy to customize and tune for your data and needs to achieve higher performance levels.

Pre-Trained Model Zoo

Distributing pre-trained segmentation models for common medical tasks.


Download DeepMedic.

DeepMedic is hosted on GitHub, where the codebase is kept, maintained, and updated.